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There are several issues that can occur with your computers, network, and other applications software that may prevent the Web Update feature in our software from working correctly. These issues have nothing to do with bugs in our software; they are caused by communications problems on your computer/network, and must be fixed in order for our software to continue to function properly.
If you do not currently have an IT company supporting your computers and network please check out our IT Partners page for our recommendation.

Why am I getting Error 6420 when I run a Fiscalsoft program?

(1) Is the Advantage Database Server process actually running on your server? Call up Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) on the server computer, click the Processes tab, and make sure the Advantage Database Server (ADS.exe) process is listed. If not, run the Advantage Database configuration utility (ads_cfg.exe), and click the button at the bottom of the window "Start Service". After Starting the service, try running your Fiscalsoft program again to see if that fixes the 6420 error. If not, see answers #2 and #3 below.

(2) For Client/Server (multi-user) setups, your Windows Firewall must be configured to allow our program executable files to be shared across your network, or you will get Advantage Database Error 6420. This means our software could not connect to the Advantage Database Server service running on your file server computer. Once Windows is told to disallow a connection, you have to manually add our program file name to the permitted applications list within the firewall software, in order to make a connection again.

(3) Try the 6420 Knowledgebase Search at SAP's Advantage Developer Network.

Why am I getting Error Code 6 when I run a Fiscalsoft program?

(1) Are you actually connected to the Internet? Run your Web Browser program and see if you can connect to a website. If you can't, then that's why you are getting Error Code 6.

(2) Your network router must allow an FTP connection to our web server at Ports 20/21 on your computer cannot be blocked or the connection will fail. This will result in an "Error Code 6" error message when our program is run. You can click the OK button to close the error message window, but you should get this problem fixed or you will nevere be able to get another program web update. If you cannot get Web Updates, you can inspect a log file named WUPDATE.LOG (this is a text file saved in the Fiscalsoft application folder and can be opened with Windows Notepad) for clues about the problem with establising an FTP connection to our web server.

Why am I getting "Cannot create output file" when I click the Start button to download an update?

(1) Your anti-virus protection software running on your workstation must be configured to allow downloadable executable files from, and also permit our program file names to run without interfering with our web updates. Some anti-virus software applications are known to show a false positive for one or more of our program executable files, and have been known to quarantine our programs. If this should happen to you we recommend that you use a different anti-virus software, or add our program file name to the anti-virus program exception list. Contact your anti-virus software vendor for help with this.

While we do not recommend Anti-Virus software, our customers often ask us what we use here at Fiscalsoft for computer virus and malware protection. We have enjoyed good protection over the years by using the desktop premium version of MalwareBytes, and the built-in Windows Defender in Windows 10. For Windows 7 we use Microsoft Essentials. Both Windows Defender and Essentials co-exist well with MalwareBytes. We setup MalwareBytes to run with real-time protection always on, and to run a full scan every evening. We configure Essentials and Defender to run a full scan once per week. As well, none of these programs interfere with our software web updates.

Proper Configuration of the Advantage DataBase Server for Fiscalsoft Client/Server Products

Proper Configuration of the Advantage DataBase Server
Configuration Utility / Language Tab - ANSI Character Set

Language Tab

Proper location of Advantage Error Log files
Configuration Utility / File Locations Tab - Error and Assert Log Path

Error Logs

These screen shots of the Advantage Configuration Utility (ads_cfg.exe) define the Language setting needed and the File location for the Errors Logs related to the Advantage DataBase Server.

The two values above in the left image MUST be as shown in the above image example.

The image on the right sets the path for Advantage Error Logs, the error logs MUST be saved in the root of the share folder on the server computer. In the above example, the share name is "Fiscalsoft Share". The name of your share folder may be different, so substitute "Fiscalsoft Share" with the name of your share folder on the server.

As the Advantage DataBase Server software is owned and maintained by another company (SAP) any support issues with that software must be directed to SAP.
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