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FiscalHR Plus
Announcing FiscalHR Plus™, an independent solution for automating START file reporting to Kentucky Retirement Systems.

LEXINGTON, KY - October 07, 2013

The Plus version is a stand-alone START reporting system. You can Prepare, Print and Transmit the START file now all from within FiscalHR Plus.

Many counties and cities have outsourced their payroll to vendors who don't provide a retirement reporting service, thus forcing those employers to use the KRS web site to manually input the retirement figures. FiscalHR Plus allows employers to maintain their retirement contributions in-house, and perform timely, accurate and efficient reporting of their contributions via the KRS START file system. Once the first Report Month's retirement contributions are manually entered into the database, it is a simple and quick process to clone the prior month's contributions. Since most member's salaries and contributions stay the same from month-to-month, you only have to change the data for those members whose START codes or salaries have changed since the last report.

Designed with the people that use the software. Simple yet extremely powerful. Full of all the necessary tools needed for a quick and simple method to collect the required data to produce the text file using the specs set forth by the Kentucky Retirement system.

FiscalHR Plus™ easily imports new Member IDs downloaded from the KRS web site.

Version 7.23.5
May 2019

Version 1.14.5
January 2019

Version 4.53.1
January 2019

Version 7.72.1
June 2019

Version 1.22.2
January 2018

FiscalHR Plus
Version 1.22.2
January 2018

Version 1.14.5
January 2019

Version 5.22.1
January 2019

Version 2.52.1
May 2018

Version 3.23.1
February 2016
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