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Providing innovative software solutions for Counties, Cities and Special Districts since 1983
Fiscalsoft Corporation is a software publisher. We do not sell, support, or maintain computer hardware or local area networks. While we do not endorse any particular IT company, the Kentucky companies below have demonstrated to us a competency for configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining client/server networks involving the Advantage Database Server (which all of our software products connect to for client/server networks). These are independent IT companies and have no contractual or employment relationship with Fiscalsoft. We list them here for the convenience of our customers, to provide contact information if you need any hardware, networking, internet, backup, or troubleshooting services for your in-house computers and networks running our software.


ADS Benefits

- Flexibility
- Performance
- Data Intergrity
- Security
- Stability
- Scalability
- Eliminates the need for a Database Administrator

Protects your Information:

- against application failure
- against workstation failure
- against network failure
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