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Fiscalsoft Corporation acquired by Black Mountain Software!
May 08, 2024

We are excited to announce that Fiscalsoft Corporation has been acquired by Black Mountain Software. Black Mountain is based in Polson, MT, and has 30+ years of experience providing ERP software to local governments in 24 states, so we look forward to a great fit in our new home. Black Mountain took a growth investment from Peterson Partners, a Salt Lake City based investment group, in 2022 – we are excited to leverage that partnership to drive future growth at Fiscalsoft.

What does this mean for our customers? Very little! We expect to continue to provide the same excellent customer service and functional software for years to come. With the incremental resources of Peterson Partners and Black Mountain, we will keep working to improve the software as we have, adding features and efficiency enhancements every day. We will not be merging the software, or moving any customers from one system to the other, but there may be opportunities to take advantage of complementary functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the name and contact info for Fiscalsoft changing?
    Only slightly. We will now be Fiscalsoft, LLC.
Will our bills from Fiscalsoft change?
    The bill format will change, and the remit to/ACH information will change.
Will I still be able to contact the Fiscalsoft staff?
    Absolutely. Our email addresses and phone numbers will not change, and we plan to keep all staff in their current positions.
Will I need a new contract?
    Not immediately. We may send out updated contracts with your next annual renewal invoice where needed.
Any other housekeeping?
    Please contact us if you need a copy of our new W9. Let us know if you need updated ‘Proof of Coverage’ or ‘additional named insured’ certificates for your records. Please also update your records for our new payment information. If you have an outstanding bill that you have not yet paid on, please remit to the below.

For payment by check, mail check to:

Check Payable to:
Mailing Address:
Black Mountain Software
110 Main St. Suite 3
Polson, MT, 59860

Thank you for being a loyal customer of Fiscalsoft, and we look forward to improving your experience as we move into this new chapter!

Ryan Smith/Jacob Lawhorn

Version 7.26.3
January 2024

Version 1.14.6
November 2019

Version 4.55.3
January 2024

Version 7.76.9
January 2024

Version 1.22.7
January 2024

FiscalHR Plus
Version 1.22.4
August 2021

Version 1.14.6
November 2019

Version 5.23.4
January 2024

Version 2.52.4
May 2021

Version 3.23.1
February 2016
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