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The Fiscalsoft® Suite of Local Government Solutions is a set of programs designed specifically for Kentucky local governments. With this collection of programs there is no need to have five or six different software modules for your Budgeting and Accounting needs alone, meaning with FiscalBooks everything you need for Budget and Accounting is in one program. In FiscalBooks you will find the General Ledger, P.O. system, Journals, Budget Amendments, Budget Transfers or Cash Transfers and a whole lot more all in one program.

FiscalPay, FiscalTax and FiscalLedger all have the ability to post transactions not only to their ledgers and journals but also post directly to FiscalBooks simultaneously, saving time and eliminating data entry errors when hand posting. All you need to do is select the Post to FiscalBooks option in each of the programs. Not only do these programs seamlessly integrate with FiscalBooks, all Fiscalsoft programs will save reports and listings in multiple file types, this will allow for import into non-Fiscalsoft® applications (Excel, Lotus, NetCharts, etc…). All electronic filing to state and federal agencies, local banks for ACH deposits and payments are prepared and uploaded with FiscalExpress.

Client-Server versions are available with the Advantage Database Server (licensed separately from SAP). The Fiscalsoft® Suite of Local Government Solutions uses the Advantage DataBase Server for all our Client/Server software database management. As the Advantage DataBase Server software is owned and maintained by another company SAP any support issues with that software must be directed to SAP.

FiscalBooks   FiscalBooks is a fund based municipal accounting system. Integrated accounts, budget, cash receipts, vendor claims, G/L, all in one package! ACH Credits (Vendor Payments) via FiscalExpress.
FiscalReceipts   FiscalReceipts  is our satellite office cash receipts companion product for FiscalBooks™. The software allows for management of cash receipts data entered at remote satellite offices. A 3-part receipt can be printed, as well as detail and summary cash receipts registers. These receipts can then be exported to an external device (network drive folder, flash drive, external hard drive, e-mailed to a web server, etc), which can then be imported into FiscalBooks™.
FiscalPay   FiscalPay is payroll processing, employee management, tax reporting, W2/W3 forms printing, post to FiscalBooks, and much more all in one package! KACO UI report, KACO Workers Compensation and ACH Credits/Debits (Direct Deposit) via FiscalExpress.
FiscalHR   FiscalHR is a utility to import your employees payroll data from FiscalPay to maintain data for preparing the START retirement monthly report, via FiscalExpress.
FiscalHR   FiscalHR Plus is our stand-alone Human Resources Management application. The software was designed to assist KRS Employers with maintaining their retirement contributions database, preparing monthly START files, and transmitting the file to the KPPA employer web portal, regardless of how or where the payroll is processed.
FiscalTime   FiscalTime is a utility to import new employees and export your employees hours to your payroll officer for FiscalPay via Local Area Network, E-mail, or Web Server.
FiscalTax   FiscalTax is our Local Government Tax Management Software. The software is designed to maximize collections by providing real-time taxpayer information at the touch of a button, with a built in tax forms designer and a mail merge ready word processor all in one package!
FiscalExpress   FiscalExpress automatically creates and uploads FY Budget, Financial Statements, ACH Credits (Direct Deposit), ACH Debits (Customer Payments), Wage & Tax Statement (w2) files, New Hires, State Unemployment Insurance and the KPPA START file all in one package!
FiscalLedger   FiscalLedger is a versatile billing and accounts receivables system. Setup and maintain accounts for an unlimited number of billable services. Solid waste, recycling and any other such special services. ACH Debits (Customer Payments) via FiscalExpress.
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