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  • Individual reports for the 8 fiscal year budget files
  • Individual reports for the 8 financial statement files
  • Individual reports for the 6 record types in MMREF-1 file
  • Employee New Hire Listing from prepared e-file
  • Retirement Contributions Register from prepared e-file
  • ICESA UI Wage reports for the 4 record types in e-file
  • ACH Direct Deposit Payments Register
Report Builder Engine (Digital Metaphors, Inc) -  32-bit End User Reporting component. Initial capabilities will  allow users to modify any external form file (e.g. payroll  check forms, liability check forms, W2/W3 tax forms, and  Avery mailing label forms).
  • Header File
  • Summary File
  • Reconciliation File
  • Other Recon File
  • Receipts File
  • Disbursments File
  • Long Term Liabilities File
  • Short Term Liabilities File
Export your reports to a variety of data formats including:
  • ASCII text files (CSS2 and Delimited text)
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Lotus spreadsheets
  • Adobe PDF files
  • MS-Word documents
  • Text Report files
  • Graphic files (BMP, JPG, TIF)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • HTML (email or webpage)
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