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Fiscalsoft® Client / Server (C/S) versions of our municipal accounting, payroll, and local tax applications software, along with the Advantage Database Server (ADS) by SAP SE (formerly by Extended Systems, Inc.), are easy to install and maintain, as long as certain minimal configuration requirements are met.
Have you ever lost those 30 vouchers you just finished inputting into the system?
How about a disappearing deposit you know you posted?
Are reports that used to prepare in seconds now taking minutes?
Did adding that new workstation bring the network to a crawl compared to before?
Does it seem like you have to re-build (re-index) you files more than you used to?

These are just a few of the many issues and concerns eliminated when you move to CLIENT/SERVER application software.

If your office has multi-user performance problems, suffers from frequent index corruption, and lacks database security, it is time to look for a CLIENT/SERVER solution. The Advantage Database Server is simply the best CLIENT/SERVER solution available. Advantage provides the performance, database integrity, and database security expected in CLIENT/SERVER systems without requiring application re-write, new hardware or loss of existing expertise, all factors that keep cost low.

When a move to CLIENT/SERVER is in order. What is needed is a product that provides all the security and integrity benefits of CLIENT/SERVER and all the performance benefits that should be available in a CLIENT/SERVER environment while allowing users to keep all their existing applications, their existing hardware, and their years of accumulated expertise. The product that delivers all this and more is the Advantage Database Server.
Advantage Database Server eliminates index file corruption. Table and index updates are performed on the server. A table or index is never passed to the client to be updated. When a table record and the associated index files are updated by Advantage, the update operations do not occur until all necessary information has reached the Advantage Database Server on the file server. Even if a workstation or the network goes down, no index corruption will ever occur and the database integrity will always remain intact.
ADVANTAGE DATABASE SERVER is small, fast, and easy to deploy. Its support for high-performance data access using navigational and set architecture makes it perfect for the dBASE tables used in Fiscalsoft products.
Security is major. The Advantage Database Server can be used to provide database security by allowing only Advantage-enabled applications to access the database. The system administrator can take away all desired network access rights to the directories that contain the database tables and index files, so that non-Advantage applications cannot gain access to the database. Unauthorized access to the database is eliminated. Advantage Database Server provides further database security functionality by allowing creation of user accounts to control the access to database tables, views and stored procedures.
Advantage Database Server provides database stability and eliminates database corruption by ensuring that every database operation is executed completely or is not executed at all. Entire database update operations are executed on the server. Therefore, if the application, workstation, or network fails, the database operation will either successfully be transmitted to the Advantage Database Server or not transmitted at all. The status of the application, workstation and network cannot effect the data in your database. By transmitting entire table and index file update operations in one command from the client to the server, Advantage eliminates corruption errors introduced by application, workstation, or network failure.
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