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Thank you for offering a fantastic program and the dedication toward service (which I rarely need because FiscalTax is so wonderful).
Thank you so much!!!!
Sherry Kerr
Taylor County Tax Administrator

Howard, thanks so much for the update of the Purchase Order Forms! I also just got the web update and boy I tell you what YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!!!!! You will never know what and how much you and Peggy and the crew mean to ME. Thanks again.
Crystal Gayle Deaton
Breathitt County Finance Officer

The City of Scottsville has used Fiscal Tax for a couple of years now. We have been extremely happy with the program. It is so much better than what we were using before. We highly recommend this company. The staff at FiscalSoft has been a pleasure to work with as well.
Evelina Anderson
City Treasurer
City of Scottsville

I just wanted to express how truly grateful I am to you and your staff. Things have been very challenging and frustrating here and everyone on your staff has been and continues to be so kind, comforting and informative. They always are willing to give me their attention and time, even if its multiple hours. They never get short with me, they are all willing to jump in and help, sometimes two or three of them at a time.
I truly don’t know where I would be or how I would proceed with the difficult changes headed my way without them. You own a truly standalone company with amazing one on one personal support that goes way above and beyond their job descriptions and I just cannot thank you or your staff enough!!!!

All my best,

Sheila Quijas
Shelby County Fiscal Court

I work as the Finance Officer for Ohio County Fiscal Court. The county uses Fiscalsoft Corporation software for the payroll and other accounting procedures. I began working for the county January 2, 2007. Friday, January 5, 2007, payroll was due. I was not familiar with the software, nor did I have assistance from the previous Finance Officer. I met Norb Fister over the phone on January 2, 2007 approximately 8:00 a.m. Norb guided me step by step through the payroll software process all through the week. He was very easy to follow and very, very patience, supportive, and professional. Only with Norb Fister’s valuable guidance did I meet payroll that first week for approximately 120 employees. The support has continued on, always ready to help, with a quick , same day response time.

I am so amazed how user friendly and easy to understand the FiscalPay and FiscalExpress payroll software is. The payroll reports generated are easy to read and contain the exact data needed. Updates needed ( tax updates, end of year changes, new additions, etc) are provided by Fiscalsoft with a simply turn on the computer and they are there ready to download. This makes doing payroll so much easier and less of a headache.

I personally would recommend Fiscalsoft Corporation software to others. They stand behind their product and have always been there assisting and supportive when I needed help. Others I have talked with, who have purchased the software, have given it high remarks and very satisfied.
Janice Embry
Ohio County Finance Officer

About a week ago I told the County Judge Executive that I thought the best thing he has done for me in my two and a half years as the County Treasurer was to agree to allow me to purchase your Fiscalsoft products. He agreed that it looked like a good decision on our part. Trust me, I did not look forward to changing software providers and systems, so we did not make this decision lightly. As a matter of fact I looked for every reason to stay with my current (at the time) provider. I think what finally "sold" me was the opportunity to attend your annual conference. I could not find one customer that was sorry that they had your system and now I can see why.
  • I can actually close out my month and produce my financial reports in about a day, assuming I have all the information necessary, such as bank statements.
  • Confidence, that unless I make mistakes, the reports I produce are accurate and complete.
  • Flexibility to correct errors that may have been made inputting information into the system. This includes checks that must be voided occasionally.
  • The ability to go into the Trial Balance at any time to make sure everything is in balance.
  • The ability to look at the General Journal to follow the flow of revenue and expenses, and to easily change anything that might not be correct.
I could go on, but one last thing that is also very important to me, is the ability to contact you or Norbert any time I have a problem or just a question. I know too, that I will be treated professionally and with the respect a customer deserves. I cannot remember a time that I contacted your office and you or your staff did not or could not provide me with the answer to assist with my problem.
Forrest Brown
Montgomery County Treasurer

I have been using Fiscalsoft for a little over a year now and am amazed at how user friendly this system is. It allows me to have everything I need, (reports and information) that my court requests, at my fingertips. The software is easy to use and is not extremely time intensive. When I have a problem, you guys are always available to help and do a wonderful job explaining things to me. Thank you so much!
Melissa Carr
Hancock County Treasurer

After having used several of the "top of the line" accounting software programs, I have to say that FiscalPay and FiscalBooks are absolutely the most user friendly. All of the reports in both programs are great and easy to read. These two programs handle all accounting needs exceptionally well for county government.
Carolyn Johnson
Former - Ohio County Finance Officer

I have to tell you that your FiscalTax program is a very user-friendly program that allows me to do my job easily and more efficiently. The FiscalSoft staff is easily accessible (via e-mail or telephone) and always available to help should I have any questions or concerns.
Candida Lewis
Harrison County Tax Administrator

I have been using Fiscalsoft for over a year now, and yet somehow I am always astonished. Today is the last day of the third quarter; I have in front of me all of my liability checks and every single quarterly report there is as well as the 941 and unemployment report. I am done and it's not even 2:00PM. This used to take me three or four days! I love this! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
Lissa Gibson
Union County Treasurer

Just thought I would tell you. The Court members complimented me on the new software. They said it was so much eaiser to read. I printed out all checks before I went to Court and then printed out an Appropriation Condition Report. They were quite impressed. It made me look so.............. good!
Anne Melton
Ohio County Treasurer

Thanks for writing a program that is very easy to use and gives us output that is required by state agencies and contains all the information needed to keep us in compliance. Using your programs (old and new), I found them easy to follow. I have worked mostly with MicroTax (old and new version) and they contain all the information that is needed to complete my task. The programs are good but the thing that has meant a lot to me is the support that is given by you. I know I can call and you will be able to provide the support and information to help me get through the problems and situations that occur. You listen to us and continue to provide changes and updates to the system. All the programs you provide to county government are very similar in design and easy to follow. Thanks for being there with programs to make my job easier.
Wanda N. Jones
Harrison County Deputy Judge Executive

Fiscalsoft has been my lifesaver! The programs are easy to apply, yet contain every detail of information you need. The reports are extremely informative and easy to read, which makes doing our numerous monthly reports a breeze. This program provides all the budget/financial reports required by DLG and the auditors. It has saved our county thousands of dollars on audits because we have access to all of our information no matter what fiscal year we are working in. I have yet to see a software provider who is so accessible and ready to help at any time. “Phone tag” is not a game we play.
Kimberly Muse
Mason County Treasurer

I love using MicroPay. It has many useful features that allow me to run my payrolls quickly and correctly. I can also generate the accompanying reports just as easily. The various screens are very user friendly, even for first time users. I was able to find my way around Fiscalsoft's Windows Version within just a couple of sample payroll runs. The technical support offered by Fiscalsoft is definitely the best that I have ever encountered… can expect a prompt and clear answer to any question you might have. I would definitely recommend Fiscalsoft's software to anyone shopping for a governmental accounting program.
Amanda Kimbler
Mason County Assistant Treasurer

I would truly like to thank you for the many telephone and personal support hours you have provided me these past several months with MicroPay and MicroBooks. You have always been very patient and you always have the answer or solution I need. As Finance Officer for the period of January through July, 1999, I truly enjoyed running payroll on MicroPay. It practically runs itself and I can always rely on the reports and summaries not only to be easily read and understood, but most importantly, to be accurate.

Since I became Treasurer, in July, I have been truly amazed at how simple MicroPay posts to MicroBooks. And, now that I am Treasurer, I truly rely on MicroBooks' in-depth information needed for our Fiscal Court and the records that are required by the Department for Local Government. I truly feel that our annual state audits will take a lot less time than it had in the past simply because of the accurate and yet easily read reports and summaries MicroBooks provides. I also like how you are constantly upgrading each program, particularly the newest addition of the Purchase Order window. It will help not only in keeping in compliance with DLG, but will save valuable time.
Debbie Martin
Former - Harrison County Treasurer

I wish it went this smoothly every time I worked with someone on ACH setup. Thank You!
ACH Coordinator of Lexington FDIC Bank

Thanks for all the help. We really appreciate you!
Michele Jesse
Rowan County Treasurer

You saved my %#@ again. Thanks!
Angie Brown
McCracken County Finance Officer

Fiscalsoft has been the BEST thing to happen to me since I started my job as Union County Treasurer. The only thing better than the amazing software and it's user friendliness is the level of support I receive. Thanks guys!
Lissa Braddock
Union County Treasurer

Sonja and I have printed and completed our W2-3s and it took less than 1 hour to print and stuff. These programs are wonderful. You deserve to know you've done a great job programming. Thanks from Gallatin County
Elaine Lillard
Gallatin County Finance Officer

Hey you know what? These programs are getting better all the time. You're doing a good job. Just thought you would like to know.
Debbie Cayton
Carroll County Treasurer

I ran the report after we talked and it came out beautiful. Thank you so much... I love the UI report as well. You're great as always!!!!!
Pearl Spencer
Lee County Treasurer

Thanks for your wonderful programs, and for all you do to spoil us.... I do appreciate it.
Judy Denniston
Powell County Treasurer

I owe you big time now. I could not be county treasurer without your software and support. Thank you for being there for me.
Christine Moore
Former - Owsley County Treasurer

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with MicroBooks and MicroPay. It is the easiest accounting software I have ever used. Your reports are concise and to the point. Just exactly what we are required to send Department for Local Government. Thanks for making my job easier!
Sue Nickell
Former - Fleming County Treasurer

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I am with your MicroBooks and MicroPay programs. Both programs are very user friendly.
Lori Perkins
Former - Fleming County Finance Officer
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