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We have support subscriptions for both our Annual License and Full License customers.
Click on one of the following .PDF documents to read the annual agreements:

Full License Support Subscription
Annual License Support Subscription

  1. While the Support Subscription in not mandatory, it represents a great value for our customers. Not only does it cover phone and email support, it also provides program updates which include new features and the inevitable bug fix. Our software updates keep your software current with the newest State, Local and Federal rules and regulations as they change. In other words Fiscalsoft software never stops evolving and improving. Not being covered by our Support Subscription would be like buying a new car and never having it routinely serviced. Eventually the car will not function as needed and the cost of fixing it will be much greater than if you would have done the routine maintenance from the start.
  2. In the case of the Fiscalsoft Support Subscription, if someone decides to not participate and skips the support payment they will no longer receive phone or e-mail support and program updates will be stopped. If the Support Subscription is not paid you will become a non-active customer and will be required to re-license all the software in order to get your software to our current version levels. You will also need to pay for the Support Subscription for the next year or portion thereof to cover you to the end of the current fiscal year.
By paying the support subscription fee, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Failure to pay the support subscription fee by July 31(full license) or January 31(annual license) will disqualify you for any support, software updates, and future software upgrades.
Beginning Jan 1, 2007, ALS (Advantage Local Server) versions of our flagship software products are no longer available, except as single-user applications. If you intend to share newly licensed versions of our applications on a network, you must share them under the Advantage Database Server (ADS). Existing customers that do not upgrade to ADS by 06/30/2007 will receive single-user Web Updated versions in FY 2007-2008.
Software updates will be released when they are ready, and do not follow any release schedule. Software updates are placed on our Internet Web Site for download into your computer via our Web Update window in all of our applications. Documentation describing the changes in the update is available in the What's New window on the Help menu in all of our applications. Please read all What's New notes after performing a Web Update. You must have a reliable Internet connection in order to receive software updates. Our Web Updates utilize FTP and HTTP protocols to establish connections to our web servers. Ports 20, 21 and 80 cannot be blocked by firewall software or your Web Updates will fail. The latest released version of any of our software can be determined by visiting the product pages on our web site:
Software updates will be uploaded to our Internet Server computer, and will remain available for download for a maximum of 60 days after initial placement on the website. Each update must be applied in serial order. If you fail to download the update before it is purged from our web server, an upload fee will be charged, in order to get you caught up-to-date on the latest version.
In order to avoid any disruption in communicating with you, please remember to notify us ASAP in the event your email address changes. Just send a quick note to using your new email address.
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